Is hypnosis dangerous?

nodanger“There is no evidence that hypnosis in itself weakens the will, damages the nervous system or in any way adversely affects the physical or mental well being of individuals,” states Andre M. Weitzenhoffer, Ph.D.

Because hypnosis is as natural as sleeping and waking, there is no more danger of getting “lost” or “stuck” while in a hypnotic trance than it is possible to get stuck in a dream when you are sleeping (which is a form of naturally occurring deep trance state). People always awaken from trance, although sometimes they may feel reluctant to emerge because it feels so good. Should an emergency arise, the hypnotic state would automatically be interrupted. If, for some reason, the hypnotist were to leave during a session, the client would naturally emerge from trance or would fall asleep and then naturally awaken at the end of a sleep cycle.

If a hypnotist ever suggests anything a client doesn’t accept or approve of, the mind’s natural built-in defenses will automatically reject the suggestion. Because the mind is more suggestible during alpha/theta states (i.e. before and after sleep, daydreaming, catastrophizing), however, the negative ways people often talk to themselves can result in destructive inner narratives. With their permission, a trained hypnotherapist can “un-hypnotize” clients from ideas which do not serve them well, and help them begin to develop a more friendly conversation with themselves.

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