Hypnosis in Religion

crumpThe basic urge in every human personality, the one deep, sincere longing of every soul is to find God, or the Unknown Creative Spirit that created, rules, sustains, and orders the universe – whatever be the name assigned to this Power. Since every man is seeking this Power and since he can be put into direct touch with that Power that is within him in a process which is absolutely the same in every way as the principle of hypnosis, then it seems high time that man were made aware of this deep seated principle within his own being.

The founders of every religion and the religious leaders of every age have recognized a Great Power and have given it many names. Jesus taught that this Power, which He called The Father, was within and could be directed by man, and He even went so far as to say the things which He did and even greater things could be done by His followers (John 14:12). Jesus also taught that man could become one with this Power (John 17 :21-23 ) and in becoming one he could direct or release it. He said the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand – it is here now to him who understands, “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you” (Luke 17 :21b).

Since every sincere soul is seeking to find that Kingdom of Heaven, that is the sincere and only longing of his heart. No matter what other longing he may think he has, all his longings are subsidiary to this one great urge to find God within. His longings for a friend, a mate, a loved one, liquor , sex, or what not, is only his intense desire to find the Power that is able to express itself in all those manifestations which attract him. The easiest way a person may quickly understand himself, his deep longing, and then find the answer to that longing, is through an understanding of hypnosis; and whether he recognizes it as such or calls it by this name is immaterial.

Hypnosis had been practiced for thousands of years by people not knowing they were practicing it long before Braid ever gave it the name in an attempt to explain Mesmer’s method less than 200 years ago. In every walk of life people are practicing it every day without naming it. Parents hypnotize their children to certain concepts of living, eating, clothing, religion, etc. Schools, churches, business houses, newspapers, radios, T.V., magazines, are constantly filling the mind of the listening public with ideas which they accept without reasoning.

If we are to help man in his search for his real self, we must know what hypnosis is, why it works, and what the power is that is set in motion through its use. In my philosophy, we teach that every person is both an operator and a subject. Everyone who is able to think and reason as a normal, human being is able to learn the laws that govern his personality and thereby can be either an operator or a subject; or with this understanding can be both operator and subject at the same time, thereby practicing self-hypnosis. These principles should be taught to the masses so that everyone can know that he/she is capable of giving and receiving a hypnotic suggestion (concept) at will and thereby becomes his own master. It is high time that we were realizing that man is a complete entity within himself – a triune entity (body, mind, spirit), who does not need to be enslaved by anyone. The sooner we teach people this, the quicker we will have a race of people who know how to be real selves and not puppets in the hands of anyone who happens to have authority or power over them.

We are all victims of suggestion – the sum total of the suggestions that have come to us from all of life. We have each been hypnotized to a slightly different degree, so to each of us, life is an INDIVIDUAL PROPOSITION. In each one of us, the POWER of the CREATOR is being released in a different way, depending upon the basic concept in our life. Only as one understands that, can he help another to change and to become what he wants to be. An understanding of the true principles involved in hypnosis gives one the key to life.

Many religious healers today who would fight hypnosis do not realize that they are using its fundamental principles all the time.

When I realized that Jesus was thoroughly familiar with the principles and practice of hypnosis, it came as one of the greatest shocks of my life. Up till then, I had accepted the idea about it that I had been taught, that it might be of the devil; but when I became aware that it was the means of releasing the very POWER OF GOD WITHIN and was the very method of Jesus, I was stunned.

To pray is to use the imagination. TO PRAY IS TO IMAGE. In praying, one takes ideas and puts them together to make an image. Just as in building anything, the builder has to take ideas and collect them together to make anything, a table, a hotel, etc. An architect takes ideas and puts them together to get an image in his mind (but he does not yet have a house – just an image); then he takes that image and reduces it to a thought-form, pattern, concept, or we would say in his terms, a blueprint (but he still does not have a house – just a blueprint of it) ; then he gathers the material substance – the things required on the physical plane – and has them put together according to the plan, and he has a house on the physical material plane. That is the process of creation that is always used regardless of who, when and how it is used.

This CREATIVE PROCESS was clearly demonstrated to me when I visited the General Motor’s Motorama at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Thursday, Oct. 16, 1953). The theme of this magnificent spectacle was entitled “Imagination in Motion”. As the program climaxed showing how the Firebird ~o. 3 automobile, new concept in automotive design, was conceived and developed or has evolved, I was all the more impressed with the truth of this theme – “Imagination in Motion”, – for on the giant screen was illustrated the methods by which this new automobile became a reality: first starting with IMAGINATION in the mind of its creators; next taking LOGICAL shape in the mind of the engineers; and finally going to the factory for PRODUCTION at the hands of the workmen. As I watched this, the truth became more thoroughly fixed in my mind that this is an application of the creative process which has been used for all time, and it is applicable toward the creation of every thing, thought and act.

HYPNOTISM is the CREATIVE PROCESS in action, regardless of who practices it, when and how. Its principles involve all creation – so they will always be used whether the user is aware of it or not. It is the natural process of creation in operation and we only have to open our eyes to become aware of it. There may be limitations put upon certain forms of hypnosis but nothing can ever stop the mother from tenderly caressing her baby and thereby comforting the baby’s mind. Nothing can ever stop the salesman from trying to sell his wares. All these activities in the normal life of humans are applications of the hypnotic principle. And as we become wiser, we will see WAKING HYPNOSIS being used on every hand. It is the eternal plan of the Creator and we can be sure and safe in applying its principles and thereby become creators ourselves.

The creation of anything starts in the images which we make with and through the ideas we collect. God first created (we are told in the Bible – Gen. 1:27) in HIS IMAGE. And we all do likewise. As we study and practice hypnosis, we are led to an understanding of the fundamental principles behind all creation, and thus we become CREATORS in our own right.

So as a minister, I use the principle in my prayers, when the listeners are turned to me and listening with their eyes closed. I do not have to tell them to relax and get comfortable and close their eyes for they have already learned to assume this position. Thus when they are listening to me I can help them in their problems of physical, mental and spiritual health. With my understanding of their problems, I simply collect ideas of a positive nature and put them together to form a positive image that replaces the negative image they have formed by collecting ideas of a negative nature from their environment, education and heredity. As they are listening attentively and not thinking they are wide open to suggestion and thus I am in tune with the POWER WITHIN them that is and has been expressing through their lives. I just tell this POWER to express differently. I do it in the same way and with the same understanding that you give an order to a subject under hypnosis – for after all, we are talking to the same INNATE INTELLIGENCE WITHIN. Thus I can guide and counsel the listeners to KNOW THEMSELVES better. I try to lead them thus to understand that everyone of us is a separate expression of the DIVINE POWER which is in all of us, and that POWER must of necessity express differently through each one. I try to release them from their enslavement to traditions, conventional opinions, and any limiting concepts that hold them down in a rut of discouragement. By teaching them the truth about the way their personalities function under the POWER WITHIN I help them to become free.

As I understand it, Jesus wanted all to be free when he said: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). By inference, the opposite to this is that if you do not know the truth then you are enslaved by ignorance. You are hypnotized and you need something to help you become de-hypnotized or un-hypnotized or whatever the label is that you attach to it.

Rev. E. L. Crump, 1959.

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