How does hypnosis work?

computer-system-that-thinks-like-a-humanHypnosis works by accessing a natural waking state in which the mind focuses intently and absorbs information most efficiently, removing conscious interference to acceptable suggestions that create new behavior.

Think of your subconscious mind as a “hard drive” containing your entire life’s memories, scripts, programming, rules, values and beliefs. Programs stored on the “hard drive” are continuously running beyond your sight, controlling your functions and behaviors. Think of your conscious mind as the screen on your computer, where you view only the information being entered or accessed for your current tasks.

The door covering your “hard drive” is a mirror of your subconscious programming and the beliefs by which you perceive and filter everything you see, hear, feel…. (Many of those beliefs are limiting in nature.) Information appearing on the screen can only be written to the “hard drive” when the door opens. When the mind slows down to the alpha or theta state (<12 Hz), the door partially opens and allows subconscious programming to be written or updated.

While a waking theta state is maintained in hypnosis, suggestions are given which direct your subconscious to powerfully focus on the achievement of your goals. A trained hypnotherapist works with you in a collaborative effort to help you communicate with your subconscious mind to understand and gain more control over your behaviors, actions, emotions, or physical well-being.

For more information, see our slideshows illustrating how the mind works: Conscious vs. Subconscious, and Programming the Subconscious.

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