Does hypnosis really work?

stop-smoking-hypnotherapy1Yes. These are typical Client Success Percentages* after 1 to 6 sessions:

  • 30% report that the emotions which drove the unwanted behavior have disappeared.
  • 30% report a 70% reduction in the emotions driving the behavior; they occasionally still have urges which quickly pass.
  • 30% report a 30% reduction in the emotions driving the behavior; they see improvement, but find that they have to make a deliberate effort.
  • 10% don’t get what they wanted – usually due to lack of effort or the presence of unconscious gain (the benefits of the problem outweigh the benefits of the solution.)

With continued effort, clients report increasing success.

For research and news about the effectiveness of hypnosis, check out our Research and Hypnosis in the News sections.

*Devin Hastings, Owner of Mind/Body Hypnosis, President of MN Institute of Advanced Communication Skills

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